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Slate/Tablet/Notebook Computers by TabūlaMentis

In 1991 Tabūla Mentis was first to coin the terms "tablet" and "slate" (in Latin or English) in association with computer devices nine years before
Tabūla Mentis = "Mind Slate" or "Tablet (slate/board) of the Mind." Tablea
ŭ = "Table/Display."

Listed above is an illustration of the world's first pre-production "tablet/slate" touchpad wireless computer remote introduced by TabūlaMentis in 1991

(see Frank the Robot for more information)

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 and
in 1977 Robert Franklin founded Franklin Security Systems (a California corporation) that was renamed Franklinstein* in 1990.
In 1991 Robert Franklin began to use the name Tabūla Mentis and in 2013 Tabūla Mentis was incorporated as Tabūla Mentis Corporation.
Since 1975 Robert Franklin has been working on a computer system that would combine man and machine into an ultimate superhuman supercomputer called Frank,
short for Franklinstein. In 1991 the words
Tabūla Mentis were first used to represent an artificial intelligence computerized brain. Immortality is the main drive behind
Frank's existence in which humans within the next twenty to thirty years will be able to upload copies of their memory (mind) into machines like Frank.

*Do you suffer from the mental illness called the Frankenstein Complex? If yes, then get professional help right away!


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