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The 2x4D Metapeople by TabūlaMentis


Click Here to see the 0x4D Metatronic version of the Metapeople at the Church of Metatrons.

Quantum Teleportation ● Replication ● Immortality ● Warbots ● Sexbots* ● Slavebots:
Upload a copy of your consciousness into one or more of our customized humanoids/androids/clones/robots/drones.
Tabūla Mentis Corporation has years of experience in robotics since Frank™ the Robot was first conceived in 1984.

Metapeople with flying suits, special powers and weapons are optional.

*Sexbots abbreviated "R" is a term specifically created by Tabūla Mentis for robots/robotics and has been added after the capital letter "Q"
in the abbreviation LGBTQR (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and robots/robotics).
In the future "humanoids" designated
by the capital letter "H" may become a term more commonly used than the word robots (robotics).
So therefore, the abbreviation for sexual preference may become LGBTQH.

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