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Quantum Lensless Multi-Aperture Computational Flat/Flexible/Stretchable/Transparent Cameras,
Computer Monitors, TVs, Billboards, Computer Processors (NUTMs), "
Big Data" Storage
Devices, Gravity Engines, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
by TabūlaMentis

Sub-Angstrom betatronic superlenses to be available circa 2035-2045 - see Timeline

In 1991 Tabūla Mentis was the forerunner to the world's first preproduction electronic/betatronic lensless camera/display twenty-two years before Bell Labs.*
*Click Here to decide for yourself if you think Bell Labs graphics art department may have plagiarized the below illustration by Tabūla Mentis?

Prior to TabūlaMentis "telescreens" were fictional devices.

Photonic Lensless Superlens Designs by TabūlaMentis
The next generation in 2D electronics/optics/photonics/metatronics/betatronics

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© 1991 TabūlaMentis

© 1991 TabūlaMentis

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The electromagnetic spectrum.
Electromagnetic spectrum.
Cosmic rays.
Extragalactic cosmic rays.
November 05, 2016: Burst of galactic cosmic rays produces crack in earth’s magnetic field.
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Waves/Rays/Frequency/Energy/Measurements/Optics →











Micro Infrared


Ultraviolet X-Rays Gamma-Rays
Soft X-Rays    Hard X-Rays     
  History of the Microscope. Also see Microscopy and Superlens. |
Circa 2035
Circa 3050
        Quantum Gravity Engines   Alphatron
  +100 Mm 100 m 1 dm 100 μm 1 μm 100 nm 100 pm 1 pm   Circa 2045    
  +12.4 feV 12.4 neV 12.4 μeV 124 meV 1.24 eV 12.4 eV 12.4 keV 1.24 MeV 1.5–100 GeV Human Immortality
  Values are approximate.  


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Note: Here they go again plagiarizing Tabūla Mentis Corporation's lensless/superlens technology illustrations listed above.
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March 10, 2017: New material helps record data with light.
March 08, 2017: Researchers create 'time crystals' envisioned by Princeton scientists.
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February 12, 2016: New imaging system uses an open-ended bundle of optical fibers—no lenses, protective housing needed.

February 01, 2016: Super-sharp images through thin optical fibres.

November 23, 2015: No lens? No problem for FlatCam.
October 29, 2015: Team develops camera filter that produces sharper, brighter photos in lowlight.
October 28, 2015: QuantumFilm-based image sensors to put cameras in new light.
October 09, 2015: Light introduces multi-aperture computational camera.
June 04, 2013: Bell Labs researchers build camera with no lens.
Lobster eyes.

Based on the following:
Tabūla Mentis Theory.
The theory called "I.C.E." (Infinite Cold Energy).
"BAM" Thesis (betatricity/alphatricity/metatricity).
The Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory.
Higher energy 0D metatronics and 1D alphatronics not illustrated.

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