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H2O Hydrogen/Oxygen Powered 300HP 40MPG Muscle Car by TabūlaMentis
with Dual-life QUASI (Quantum Universal Artificial Smart Intelligence) and StealthSmart technologies.
To be available with
H2O on-demand internal combustion engine and/or fuel cell.
Practical models to become available between year 2035-2040.


3D/2x4D Printer compatible

H2O on Demand (water-fuelled) Vehicle using bottom-up beta technology developed by TabulaMentis

TabulaMentis in 1979 in Van Nuys, California worked on a preproduction electric pickup truck called the Volt

Semi-related News:
February 06, 2017: BMW invests in Desktop Metal to bring metal 3D printing to cars.

March 02, 2016: Metamaterial separation proposed for chemical, biomolecular uses.
February 26, 2016: Scientists achieve perfect efficiency for water-splitting half-reaction.
February 22, 2016: Proven one-step process to convert CO2 and water directly into liquid hydrocarbon fuel.
January 21, 2016: New insights into the supercritical state of water.
January 20, 2016: Ice-like phonons in liquid water discovered.
January 12, 2016: Researchers attempt to uncover the origins of water's unusual properties.
January 4, 2016: Scientists create 'nano-reactor' for the production of hydrogen biofuel.
October 21, 2015: Material inspired by nature could turn water into fuel.
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